Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Why must I always end up being the good example for how not to do something. Sigh.

To give myself a little credit, I did do a couple things right. I did measure the yardage of my Tour de Fleece spinning and compare it to the pattern I had picked before I started knitting. Well, maybe that's the only thing I did right. This is where I discovered the flat tire, broken spoke, or possibly the wheel fell straight off the bicycle - a major wreck. I was 180 yards short. I measured it twice. 180 yard short. I'm still a beginning knitter, but yikes, that seems pretty much way. too. short.

I had spun by weight and assumed that would be fine - lesson one. And yes, I did a sample yarn, liked it and kept it by my wheel for the entire time I spun. All I can guess is that maybe one shouldn't be spinning for specifics when one is either worrying about sick lambs or listening to coverage of the Brett Favre un-retirement saga - lesson two. The yarn is too short because I spun it too thick and tight - my worsted is more like heavy worsted. It took a couple days to fully embrace the "opportunities" this has created.

While I do have a little of those fleeces left and could get some more of that blend mixed and carded, I would be nervous about not exactly matching the color. Also, there is the weight issue and not ending up with exactly what I wanted. So, luckily the second favorite pattern in A Fine Fleece is a vest that calls for heavy worsted. Perfect. Also, the advice that a textured or cable pattern would be better for that darker yarn anyway is correct and the trinity stitch is dead easy and almost mindless, which at this point can only be a plus.

So, I'm not sure how I finish for the Tour de Fleece, but I did spin up the entire amount I'd pulled out of my stash for the challenge. I did not get the yarn I wanted for the pattern I had picked though. I did, as always, learn a lot, and I did get a pretty yarn that will work just fine for another project that I'll enjoy working on...and again, most likely, learn a lot.

And, as the Wednesday Is Knit Night ladies have finally instilled in me, "It's only knitting."


Dianne said...

Now you're ready to adopt Elizabeth Zimmerman's motto..."Knit on with hope and confidence though all crisis". And you can take heart in knowing we've all "been there, done that". In fact, I'm STILL being there, doing that! Every project is a "learning experience".
Love the vest pattern---it will be gorgeous in your yarn.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the finished vest. Love that book.


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