Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I've Created A Monster

How about a little Sunshine video :-D.

To set the scene, she and Caspar Belly (aka Spooky Tooth - Saint Tim always comes up with better names) are hiding out in Woolliam and Petunia's stall after breakfast. Woolliam, Petunia and the mommas have all headed on out to the front field. Quickly though they realize the kids aren't following, so they come back to hurry them along.

Now, you'll see Spooky knows better than to push it with momma Emily, but sweet little Sunshine? She doesn't show her face and you can see momma Heidi start to panic and go look elsewhere while Sunshine peaks out and snickers. She does eventually follow Spooky out, but then turns around and lolly gags for a bit before finally "straightening up and flying right".

The end is a gift of a few seconds of morning farm time. Make sure your volume is turned up.


She sure is strange! said...

You know we are going to expect cute sheep videos from here on out don't you?? (talk about creating a monster!)

I love Woolliam's cleverness but those spotted babies can steal any show! Just adorable!!!


Dianne said...

Sunshine is just too cute! So glad she seems to be getting healthy and strong.


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