Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Garden Guardian

I have planted the last of my spring garden. Or, should I say, RE-planted the last of my spring garden. There is a roving band of birds that have taken great delight in eating off all my tender plants this year. This is the third re-planting. I'll probably be the only person in the neighborhood without an overabundance of squash this summer.

While I know it probably won't really help - these are pretty cheeky birds, what with 3 dogs and 4 cats hanging about in the yard (sleeping under a shade tree most of the day) - I decided to have a little fun.

She definitely looks like someone I'll enjoy having help me in the garden. Her spindle is made from a recycled CD, which is actually an easy way to make a drop spindle. I'm hoping the reflective properties scare away a few of the birds.

The yarn she has spun is some genuine Punkin yarn (because what better guardian could you find...well, IF you kept him fenced out of the garden ;-), and look, she even brought along her knitting needles.

Like she thinks she'll ever find any spare time to knit.

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Dianne said...

She's great! Hope she's good at her job. I have had similar issues with my garden this year and have replanted yellow squash and cantalope several times.
By the way, I'm very impressed with your fleece washing marathon. Wish I had all mine washed and ready to go!


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