Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gone To The Frogs

When we first moved to our farm there were two ponds out back - the big pond and a tiny waterhole that the person doing our dirt work wanted to fill in as if it didn't matter to anyone. I knew different and took it under my "wing" and Saint Tim named it The Frog Pond, in honor of all the frogs who were quite happy to call it home and had for many years.

We raised the dam side, embraced the existing native plants and flowers and added more to the collection, installed a comfy bench and now it's one of my favorite spots on the farm.

The Frog Pond is not the only spot claimed by the frogs around here. It's been so hot and dry lately that the big pond has gotten so scummy that it's starting to rival its kid sister for frog habitat.

All the black dots? Frogs. Hundreds of frogs.

And look who we caught peeping in our window tonight!

We can't say for sure, but think it's a Cope's gray treefrog or Hyla chrysoscelis. We've had some interesting visitors to Equinox Farm, but he (or she) might just be our far.


Eileen said...

Awww, it's so CUTE!!!

I don't suppose they are so cute in the middle of the night when you are trying to sleep and they are singing songs of love, though...

Nancy K. said...

A frog pond. How wonderful!!

joyknits said...

The pond looks great, and your frog looks like the ones who hang out on our kitchen window at night for the bug buffet ;)

Joan keeley said...

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