Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Feature - Summer Is Over

Yesterday we had a last blast of summer sun and heat. I knew it was probably my last chance to jump in the pool...and I blew it. I am so busy getting everything ready for the Kentucky Sheep and Wool Festival next month that I put it off and put it off and put it off and then the day was done. Lesson learned. Again. Life is short. Go jump in the pool.

I did snack on some of the last of the concord grapes just a little while ago though. Once again they've outdone themselves. While out there I was struck by how the wind today seemed different from the wind yesterday somehow. The dry leaves rattling in the trees, no longer gently rustling. The birds seemed busy - working, not playing. And no bees to keep me company.

I sheared Buddy yesterday. He was hanging out inside the barn this morning, looking for some cookies to warm him up. Ewenice and Woolliam are not quite ready for their fall buzz cuts. Lucky for them, we can look forward to an Indian Summer. Right?

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