Monday, September 29, 2008

Clown Car

Today I went to pick up all our processed wool from Ohio Valley Natural Fibers. I knew what to expect with the roving, but had never seen our wool as quilt batting (and let me tell you, now I know why I've had people requesting it) so I was excited to make the trip.

I packed a lunch, a good book on tape, left Miss Weaslie at home because I suspected I was going to be short on room, checked the map and hit the road. I just LOVE to cross the river via the ferry in Augusta, so I chose that route. In my next life I might just have to be a ferry operator. I felt just like Huck Finn. It was a beautiful day to be out on the river.

Now, remember I said I didn't pack Weaslie... Here's where it got interesting. When I got to OVNF, they took one look at my car and then started looking at each other, sort of half laughing. "You need a bigger car." I'm not sure how she did it - I know I sure didn't think it would work - but it did all just fit. I think she's done that before!

Back on the road, back across the river via ferry, back home. Now here's where it got funny. All I could think of was a clown car, where way too many clowns get out of a tiny car at the circus. I figure it's frequently a circus at Equinox Farm anyway, so here goes...

Stella just came over and we peeked into some of those boxes. If you are in the area (northern Kentucky) this weekend, you should come out to the Kentucky Sheep and Wool Festival in Falmouth, Kentucky (next to Kincaid Lake State Park) and take a peek yourself :-).


Nancy K. said...


How funny is THAT???


~Tonia~ said...

How funny!!! They can pack a car like Kevin can. It always amazes me. Remember I will have space to store some if you need it this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done! Reminds me of what came out of the Mini Cooper after a trip to Convergence one year, when all my wool processing was returned at once! It's amazing how much wool can be put into any given space.
Nancy NeverSwept


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