Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Living The Dream...Or How I Regularly Get Beat Up By A Little Old Lady

Two things I regularly hear: "You know, you are living my dream life" and "Wow, your barn is cleaner than my house." First of all, frequently my barn is cleaner than my house, and secondly, days like today make that commute to the big city look not so bad.

In less than four hours I was attacked not once, but twice by our new rooster (drew blood both times), wrestled 16 sheep so that I could trim their hooves and check for any more (hopefully not) unplanned pregnancies, nicked my thumb with the hoof trimmers (the third time I bled today), was gored (by accident) twice and (not by accident) once. And even though it was fairly cool in the barn, by the time I came in for lunch, I was so sweaty and dirty that I had to take a shower just so I could go cool off in the pool.

So who is this little old lady?

Crazy Esther.

We don't know for sure how old she is, but she looks ancient. Her teeth are still pretty good, but she's shrunken down to an almost frail size, hobbles around on arthritic legs and her face is covered in gray. Esther has been with us for many years now and I'm no longer surprised at her behavior. In fact, she's made the blog at least once before showcasing her craziness. While I'd prefer she just go along with whatever I'm trying to do, there is a little part of me that admires her tenacity and we enjoy her presence in our family.

The rooster? He'd better watch his back because he's gonna' be looking for a "nice farm in the country" that ain't ours!


Gloria said...

Tell Mr. Rooster you've not had a
pot of chicken n' dumplings in a lonnng time and see if that don't straighten him up!

Dianne said...

Though I haven't heard the comment about how clean my barn is lately (we need a day with a Bobcat!), I do hear the "living the dream" fairly often. We both know having a farm and animals comes with a never ending list of chores. Most of the time, it's worth all the work and it's good to be reminded how lucky we are. Your rooster even looks like he has an attitude!

Shelley said...

OH My Gosh!!! What a day!!! I hope it's getting better. You're my hero!


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