Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The One I Was Looking For

The last one! Scrub Brush Ford before...

Scrub Brush Ford after (remember the sweater?)...

The new clippers were awesome - Premier's 4000S. I sheared 5 yesterday and the last 8 today, all by myself. I got better as I went and I really enjoyed getting to spend some up close, quality time with my sheep. Everyone tolerated the sheering stand quite well except Crazy Esther. Even at her age she kicked my butt. Of course we don't call her Crazy Esther for nothing.

Perhaps the "most funnest" thing though was asking Miss Aria, my old Quarter Horse, to help round up the sheep this morning. I was trying to run them into the barn by myself and they definitely had the upper hand. Rather than get them (or me) too worked up, I jumped on Miss Aria. She might be old, but she's still got it. It took two tries and about 3 minutes and all the sheep were in the barn. Where was someone with a camera when you needed it.

My next post should be "the barn before..." and "the barn after..." Yikes, that's a mess!


Dianne MacDonald said...

Wow! I'm impressed. As a UK shearing school dropout, I know how tough the job can be. So smart to use the stand--much better for the back!

~Tonia~ said...

I am so glad that the new shears worked well for you. Just in time for yet another cold spell. Geeze. Ford looks nice with his new summer cut.


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