Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Weaving

I bought this yarn back in the middle of winter because it looked like springtime. The finished project is a blanket and what you can see is the left side. I'll weave two of these sections, sew them together and then brush all the curls into a soft fuzz. It's a kit from Halcyon Yarn. There is just about nothing better than opening the mailbox and finding one of their catalogs.

Sadly, I lolly-gagged getting it on the loom and have only gotten a little woven so far, but look again - it sure does say springtime, and right outside the window! If it wasn't springtime and all the fun/work that comes with it, maybe I could get it finished in time to take it outside for a picture before all the magnolia blooms are gone. Right after I get done mowing, weed eating, washing wool, gardening...

Speaking of gardening, we hopefully have had our last hard freeze. Saint Tim covered all our fruit trees again last night and it looks like everyone came through just fine.

1 comment:

~Tonia~ said...

So pretty. I can't wait to see the finished product. I really wish I had a big enough space to set up my loom. *sigh* maybe one day. Of course then I will have to learn how to use it. ;)


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