Thursday, April 17, 2008

Christmas And My Birthday All Rolled Together

Look what I found on the floor of the garage today. My new favorite! Well, actually I tell each one they are my favorite - shhh. Not sure why it was on the floor, but possibly due to a stray cat that's been hanging around out there :-(.

I was tempted to put a grandparent's number of pictures up so you could see just how cool this particular nest is, but I've restrained myself. You'll just have to look carefully to see the wool and something green (maybe 4 leaf clovers!) lining the bottom, the horse hair, some moss, tiny twigs, roots, a couple of strings from a woven plastic feed sack, something else green that I haven't figured out yet, and the funniest thing - a black twisty tie that Stella and I must have dropped putting up the Christmas lights this past winter.

Here's another funny nest out in the orchard. I saw this messy house the other day and thought, now there's a bird after my own heart. Upon closer inspection though, I'm not sure this is sloppy housekeeping, but actually the bird equivalent of hanging a wreath on the door. First of all because this haystring appears to be tied in a bow, and second, with as busy as the birds have all been these last few days, if they didn't want it there, someone would have moved it in or out by now. So, definitely a bird after my own heart.

Shhhh - you are my favorite.

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~Tonia~ said...

Love the nests and what more could you want than birds that recycle? ;)


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