Saturday, July 5, 2008

B & B

After last night's storms and through-the-night lambing checks, I could really use some bed and breakfast, but around here, B & B is known as Buddy and Boudreaux.

I just love this picture, with Buddy showing off his "hops".

I trimmed off the brown ends of Boudreaux's fleece, and spun by itself it was surprisingly matte and, of course, dark. So much so that it was hard to even see the stitches enough to knit a sample, much less to go to the trouble of adding any design elements. I wanted something more interesting than a straight knit sweater, so back to the drawing board.

I blended in some of Buddy's shiny Cotswold curls and bingo.

This is the sample swatch with a portion of the test pattern. Here is the delimma. While held up to the light, the pattern shows quite nicely.

Here it is on the off-white carpet, closer to what it would look like worn over a white turtleneck. Still too dark?

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Dianne said...

Seems like yarn that dark needs texture.How about some cables? Or have you considered the "Cobblestone Pullover" that Jared (Brooklyn Tweed) did in the Fall 2007 Interweave Knits magazine? It has a great garter stitch yoke--texture without patterning. Or, if you are ready for a another learning experience--you could add some Fair Isle patterning with a lighter natural color.


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