Tuesday, July 9, 2024

The Woodworking Olympics

Here's the plan.  

Decide to get a rabbit.  

Do a bunch of research on how to house and care for said rabbit.  

Build a temporary house for the rabbit on top of the drying tables in the Wool House because you assume it will take a couple of weeks to get comfortable with each other and it might go quicker if you are on eye level.

Adopt a super sweet bunny from the Lexington Humane Society and realize it won't take much time at all for everyone to settle in, but that's okay, it's fun to have him up high every time you walk in the door.

For exercise and socialization, you install a fence around the lower half of the Wool House porch so the super sweet bunny can go out in the mornings while it's cool and run around while you do a little work and drink coffee.

The sides with the wide railing are fairly cat proof, but the front is completely calling "Hey, kitty kitty" and while Possum won't try to breach it while I'm sitting there, Archie is pretty much "Here, hold my beer."

The bigger issue is what happens if you need to pee.  Figuring it would be easier to screen the porch in than build a bathroom on it we decide to build the screens.  We maybe should have rethought the plumbing idea. 

Mixed in with all the porch work was a water leak in and then under the sink in the washroom which was an olympics all it's own, but no one really wants to think about plumbing problems, even if it's on someone else's blog.

Insert (only a small amount of) blood, (lots and lots of) sweat, (only thoughts of crying, surprisingly) tears and (a few) bruises...

Well, the chickens might have done some crying.  Added benefit of screening in the porch is the lack of chicken traffic up there.  We should have screened it in years ago.

That far end is higher up than you'd guess :-o.

This is a work in progress picture before the door frame was finished, but I love Pinot hopping around enjoying his safety porch :-).  The newly added roll down blinds made a huge difference in temperature on the porch and I have no idea why I never thought to add them before.  Slow learner...

Once the porch was finished we moved onto Pinot's permanent house.  I thought I could do most of this by myself and I probably could have, but it quickly became apparent it would be much easier if I had help.  Poor Saint Tim...

The move from the fun upper level to the almost as fun middle shelf is so Pinot can come out and run around the wash room if he wants. I also was using the middle shelf mostly for storage, but used the top shelf for almost everything including, but not limited to, drying wool.

I did build Pinot's ramp by myself.  Not a hard job, but I'm sharing it because I salvaged a scrap of carpet from the garage to give him traction.  Not just any carpet, but old wool carpet from our house.  It had been living in the garage under mowers and weedeaters and muddy feet and...chicken parties.

I scrubbed it with Dawn and some carpet cleaner and while it's not spotless, it did clean up better than a piece of synthetic carpet would have, especially as many years old as it is.  I loved having that wool carpet in the house years ago and I'm happy to see it still working hard in the Wool House now.

While the tools were still out I finally built a better sun filter for the night blooming cereus.  I have the best luck getting it to bloom by putting it in the bright sun, but it always sunburns so badly that I feel awful for it.  I decided to try a filtering the sun this year and some of the contraptions I'd set up were pretty hillbilly.  This is much better.  I hope it helps.

And thus extinguishes the flame for the Woodworking Olympics...I hope.


Lori Skoog said...

Fabulous! Makes me want to screen in the porch off the kitchen!!!

Shirley said...

It looks awesome! Screen porches are the best, no bugs and blessed shade. Good thing you got a bunny! My how things escalate, kind of like the old tale of nail soup.

Anonymous said...

That’s a lot of work for one very fortunate little bunny! So fun to read about.

Michelle said...

Since I HATE pesky bugs, I think screening in the Wool House porch would be as wonderful for you as it is safety for Pinot. And yeah, screens for shade. One of my immigrant grandparents (not sure if it was the German or the Swede) used to say we're "too soon old and too late smart."

elaine said...

Really enjoying reading about how Pinot has been working himself into a regular spotlight in your life.

You do know that bunny hair can be used as fiber, right? Pretty sure it is collected by brushing, though, not shearing. ;-) But I guess you'd have to have a herd of bunnies to gather enough to do anything with, and of course I have no idea how one would process it - but there seems no end to your curiosity and creativity, and of course you would enjoy having another project.

And BTW, we could use a Doug update about now.

Anchor Cottage said...

You're a thinker, all right!!

Michelle said...

This gave me a good laugh as any project I start turns into something crazy with plenty of add on items. Glad to see someone else does it the same way! lol Your porch turned out beautifully in the end :)

Terry and Linda said...

I love both of the builds! I really like your porch---a screened in porch is a delight to sit in and relax or work or pet a bunny.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You could hire out as a carpenter! You made some great improvements, good for you! Stay cool:)


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