Sunday, April 14, 2024

Weekend Wrap Up

 This was a busy week!  More company, more rain, more Dug shenanigans, lots of work, lots of fun.

Maisie was once again our little ray of sunshine.  This time shining in from the eastern side of the barn.

The big news was of course the eclipse.  I got scared off traveling to see the totality, but we had a good time watching it from our neighborhood.  I rode my bike with Dug and Bea and we had zero traffic issues :-D.

Frankie is fully embracing his back to work regime.

The sheep slogging out on yet another rainy morning.

Wool cats beds are just the thing for a cool rainy night.  Luckily for Archie I haven't started skirting any fleeces yet :-/. 

The redbuds have been beautiful even with all the rain.

 But finally the sun came out and Big J and I enjoyed morning coffee out in the driveway :-). 

This is Maisie's morning spot right now.  She still sleeps facing out the back door, just a bit further in the barn at night.  In the morning, if it's sunny, this is where you'll find her.

A pretty four leaf clover.

Among lots of other adventures, Dug embraced the party week and enjoyed a bonfire in the greenhouse.

And then went for a kayak ride and a float out in the pond this afternoon.

Missing are pictures of the raised bed garden area.  Sadly I forgot to take a before picture.  I can still get a "during" picture.  After pictures will be later this week....depending on the incoming rain :-/.


elaine said...

You realize you are training Dug to expect a new form of entertainment on a daily basis, right? OTOH, I'm sure it's fun for you too.

Far Side of Fifty said...

We had clouds and rain for the eclipse. Maisie sure looks pretty in the sunshine!

LannieK said...

Great week! I think Dug has it made in the shade ~

Shirley said...

The adventures of Dug the Spud begin!
You are the queen of 4 leaf clovers.

Terry and Linda said...

DUG is enjoying everything about his new life!! And so are we! Thank you for this week's round-up I enjoyed it


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