Monday, April 8, 2024

The 2024 Eclipse

Being a potato, Dug knew how important it was to protect your eyes ;-D.

We lucked out and the clouds were intermittent enough this afternoon that we were able to watch the eclipse.  It didn't get dark enough for the birds to stop singing and I'm not sure what the sheep and chickens did because Dug, Bea and I were over at the neighbors.  I wonder if the clouds kept things from getting too weird and maybe they didn't really notice.

Were you able to see it where you were?


Michelle said...

Not here, but we saw one seven years ago and it was truly an experience of a lifetime!

Denny144 said...

Here near Detroit, it got pretty dark. This wasn’t my first eclipse but it will be my last so I went outside to experience it. My patio lights popped on when I went outside. I’d heard that birds would stop singing but that wasn’t the case in my neighborhood. My dog didn’t seem to notice anything was different.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Dug was ready! It was rainy and cloudy here:)

Anonymous said...

Dug, is so lucky to have a caring and protective person looking after him.
I live in the West so I had 40 to 50 % coverage of the sun. I am glad I was able to see it.
Happy Spring,

elaine said...

I didn't think anything could top Dug's poncho, but you did it with shades to protect his eyes. Can't wait to see what other discoveries and adaptions to outdoor life he is going to make.

Lori Skoog said...

There was a thick cloud cover, but then it got totally black and we could no longer see the horses in the paddock. Pretty amazing.

Terry and Linda said...

Sorta. It did darken down a tad, but not heavy.


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