Wednesday, January 31, 2024

One Last Christmas Post

These pictures from the same night as the Archie picture are too fun to not share and save over here, especially Short Round sitting out in the field wearing her lights.  Unfortunately these were all taken with my phone, so they are not as clear and sharp.  Still keepers though.

I'd love to be able to talk to Short Round and hear what she thinks about her life over here.  I think she gets a kick out of all the silly things we do :-).


Denny144 said...

Thanks, these photos brighten up an otherwise dreary January day.

Goatldi said...

At least one of these would make a nice puzzle?

Auntie Reg said...

I love the lights on the sheep :)

Shirley said...

Never too late for a Christmas post, especially with well lit sheep!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Thanks for the bright lights on a really rotten day:)


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