Monday, January 29, 2024

On A Really Dreary Monday

I'm having some computer concerns and I've been cleaning up files and running back ups in case the worst/inevitable happens.  In doing so I stumbled across this picture of Archie from back before Christmas when my neighbor and I were trying to set up the 'sheep in festive lights' pictures*.  Of course Archie was there to help.

I know it's past time, but it's a pretty picture and I bet it will be a fun puzzle and I think some cheery lights help brighten a gloomy day.

I wonder what Maisie's thinking there in the background.


*Argh.  I apparently never posted those pictures over here...and they need to be here.  Sigh...  Another Christmas post coming then!


Anonymous said...

I see this as a lovely "barn evening" pic, not holiday, so I think it's perfect.

I bet Maisie is thinking "Stupid cat."

:-) :-)

Now I'll go work the puzzle. :-)

Michelle said...

I think it's a perfect photo :) My daughter just adopted an orange kitten. Very vocal!

Shirley said...

Very handsome, Archie!
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