Thursday, November 16, 2023

Make Your Own Wool Wreaths

Something fun for the holidays (or year-round)!

Would you like to learn to needle felt?  Are you looking for a neat hand made gift idea?  How about a fun and easy make together activity?

These cute little wool wreaths are one of my favorite things to create and I think you'd enjoy making them as well.  They look harder than they are and I love the soft smooshy feel of the wool.  Can you guess which sheep this is?  It's a fun one :-).  It's not Maisie.  Maisie and sharp needles*...yeah...Not. Maisie :-o.

The kits include detailed instructions, a thick foam felting pad, felting and darning needles, vintage burlap wool sack material for backs and bows and enough wool to make two ornament size wreaths (with a little extra to stick in a tree for the birds :-).  Make one for yourself and one to gift or make them together with your best wool friend.

Once you've made your wreaths, the foam and needles can be used over and over to make all sorts of other needle felted items.  

Make your own ornaments kits $25.00

Completed (I can make them for you :-) ornaments $15.00 each

Custom (pick your favorite sheep) ornaments $20.00

If you'd like to order a wreath kit or anything else from the farm shop, just send me an email with what you'd like and where it should be shipped and I'll pop it in the mail to you with an old school invoice and a return envelope.  

* * * * *

* The needles ARE very sharp, so I'm hesitant to say these are kid friendly.  Please use common sense and good supervision...even for yourself...just saying ;-).

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