Monday, November 20, 2023

Just In Time

"It's about time you finished this puzzle!"

I started this puzzle during the Christmas break last year.  I had only medium trouble putting together the stone wall and the snowy part under Archie's butt and I got a little bit of the sheep done...and then it stalled out.  Who stalls out on a 500 piece puzzle?!?

I worked and worked and couldn't get anywhere...and I'm not a terrible puzzle worker.  If it had been any other subject matter I'd have probably thrown in the towel, but it was sheep.   In the snow.  Wearing bells.  And not just any sheep, but Cotswold-y crosses.  I was probably overthinking all the wool.

Working a puzzle is one of my holiday treats and much to my dismay, it's almost the holidays again.  I needed the table cleared and I was not going to admit defeat and somehow I finally placed the last piece yesterday.  And somehow, as this table is one of Archie's main hangouts, there were no pieces missing.  

I had a couple of notes about the online puzzles come with calendar orders and I love that.  I'm sorry I get in lulls and forget to make new puzzles regularly.  Stay on me!  I enjoy making them and working them myself.  And they don't tend to take me a whole year.

Here's a fun new one.  Enjoy :-).  And thank you for all the calendar orders!!!


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