Thursday, May 4, 2023

My Favorite/Least Favorite Sheep Of The Week

MURphy (said like "Newman" from Seinfeld)

MUR-PHY!!! (yelled as he tries to open the gate at least four times Every Day to get into Easy Breezy to steal their food)

HeLLO, Murphy (said with appropriate eye roll)

Hi, Murphy, you big knucklehead.  Yes, I love you too.

There are times though...

Murphy can open just about any gate or door on this farm.  He can manipulate a double ended snap.  He can untie a casually tied hay string.  He can use his front legs to pull gates toward himself to open them. He can wedge his pointy head into almost any size crack in the heaviest door and then use his massive body/strength to force the door open.  About the only thing he can't do is jump his fat body over Pinto's gate.

He might not be able to go over a fence, but he can find a weak board and push his way under (see eye roll above).

I'm not sure of Murphy's status in the flock.  I know they will go out to graze without him if he's caught sleeping in, but probably 95% of the time he leads everyone out.  This happens in the morning and afternoon.  Is he actually the leader...or does he just assume that he's the leader?  

I'm going with he assumes he's the leader much like he has great confidence that everyone in the world loves him.  And we do.  Most of the time.  I try not to be crabby that of all those really nice Nistock boys who have lived here over the years, that I'm left with the only one of them that I've toyed with stuffing back into a box with some air holes and dropping off at the post office!

For all the trouble he causes (have I mentioned it's on a daily basis?), Murphy produces one of the nicest fleeces here.  His dad is Rocky and he gets his good looks from him for sure.  The devious brain must have come from his mother's side of the family ;-).

I started this post on Monday and here it is Thursday.  Murphy won't even know he's been cheated out of several days of being the SOTW because everyday is Murphy Day in his mind ;-).


Laura L. said...

Oh boy. I used to have a beloved wether like that. Peter, Peter Wentz. We all loved him even when he was doing things like grabbing my lambing notes or blocking the lane to the handling system then just hanging out at the end where the gate was and not letting anyone else out.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love it! :-D

janejmtl said...

Murphy is so handsome! I guess I’ve only seen him from the back before.

Far Side of Fifty said...

His name should have been Houdini!

Terry and Linda said...

Murphy is that brilliant naughty kid in the classroom who tried everyone's patience.


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