Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Meanwhile, Back To My Favorite Sheep...Of The Week

I started this post near the beginning of May in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  Their breed selection for this year was Jacobs, so I had picked Tessa to be our sheep of the week.

My favorite picture of Tessa is posted on IG somewhere, I'm thinking during Wovember or Fiberuary, but I haven't had time to scroll back through hundreds of pictures to find it.  That's my only real complaint about IG, that there's no good way to search my account.  The rest of that app I really enjoy and am so glad to have it.  It's such a fun diary of our daily life, especially when I can't seem to keep the blog current.

Tessa doesn't get much "press" around here, but none of the Jacobs do, really.  They prefer it that way.  In fact, other than Tabitha, who is happy to come up and jab you with one of her upright horns to make you give her whatever treats you are holding (but no touching!), they'd all prefer if no one noticed they were even here.  "Just toss us the cookies from a distance, please!"

Tessa (in the middle) is not super true to breed standard, fleece-wise, but she's always the one I choose for a fun spin.  Her color blend is gorgeous and her longer and while all good Jacob is easy to spin, her coarser wool practically spins itself.  I don't mind her extra texture at all.  While I might not put it right up next to my face, I wouldn't think twice about using it in any other application.

She's always been a bit, um, apple dumpling shaped and that also is not really breed standard...unless they are getting ready to have triplets ;-).  She's not a big treat eater and she would never stoop to walking up for a scratch, but if I have everyone penned up, she'll tolerate a little attention.

This is as close to a baby picture as I have.  If I stumble over the beautiful IG picture somewhere, I'll add it in.  And if not, I'll go take a new one in the fall.


Michelle said...

I THOUGHT she looked a little, um, ROUND, for a Jacob! I have one fat Shetland, too....

Shirley said...

She does have interesting fleece. Love her little black nose and mouth.

Terry and Linda said...

She is so CUTE! I love that sweet little face

Laura L. said...

What a sweetie! I love getting to know each one a little better.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Part of the T's I recall when they came to live at your farm. :)


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