Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Only Maisie Could Out-Maisie Maisie

"Yeah, well you should see the other guy!"

I posted a picture this morning of all the sheep out grazing with the horses in the foreground.  A lovely, peaceful farm sunrise scene.  I captioned it "The peaceable kingdom."  And then added the laughing emoji. I was a little surprised no one asked me about that.

It's been a few "days".  Maybe the heat is getting to us all.  I've had dogs chasing chickens and dogs chasing cats (well, one dog), cats chasing (and torturing) mice and moles, chickens chasing chickens, flies biting horses, sheep fighting over choice sleeping spots in front of the fans...and somebody boxed one of Maisie's ears.

It was probably the golden boy.

"She had it coming."

I doubt that, really.  She's half your size, big guy.  I doubt she was going to fight you for your food (she would totally fight him for food (insert eye roll emoji)).  Nice hair by the way, Big J. Do you feel better after fighting that disrespectful bale of straw (insert another eye roll)?

I'm not sure if her ear got a direct hit or she banged it on the gate as she was trying to extract herself from where she likes to poke her head through trying to push her way into the old guys feeding pen or if something completely different happened.  

I'm just guessing, knowing who was involved...  Jared has zero patience for...pretty much anything involving minions and she's been extra cautious blatantly afraid of him ever since.  It's good to be king (another eye roll).

When these things happen, the ear droops down (maybe the cartilage that holds it up breaks?) and fills with fluid and fat blood clots.  Sometimes they go down (somewhat) on their own.  Her's was a one of the worst "fat ears" I've seen.  I was crushed.  Those cute perky pink ears.

Her ear got so filled that I ended up having the vet out to drain and stitch it flat so it wouldn't be able to refill.  That won't fix it.  It will never be good as new, but at least it won't be so bothersome to her, flopping around like a balloon.  You might think this is the end of the story...but it never is with Maisie.

To have this procedure done Maisie had to be sedated and then her ear numbed.  Everything went fine and while she wasn't completely knocked out, she was pretty drunk for a bit.  When we thought we had her propped up and well secured we went to look at something with another sheep.  

We glanced back and Maisie had tried to get herself up, had fallen over and rolled completely on her back, legs flailing in the air (insert the oh $#!% emoji).  Remember we never turn Maisie upside down because of the hay string eating incident from her youth.  Luckily she was far enough away from the short inside water tank that she didn't fall in and drown.  It's a miracle really...if you think about it... (insert the face palm emoji).

We'd been told by Ohio State (nine years ago) that the knotted up hay string she'd gobbled down would probably just float around in her rumen and stay there as long as she didn't get twisted around and it might never cause her any trouble...and it hasn't.  

We are almost 36 hours into the 48 hours close watch on her and so far she seems fine.  I won't rest easy until...well, probably long past the close watch I've had on her for the last almost ten years.  


janejmtl said...

Oh, brother. You’ve really had your hands full, haven’t you? I’m sure the heat has a lot to do with the animals’ behaviour, but don’t forget there’s also the full moon tomorrow.

Maisie, Maisie, Maisie! Fingers crossed that her ear will heal without any more problems and that the hay string doesn’t cause any trouble.

Marcy said...

I love Maisie!

Michelle said...

Maisie is almost ten years old now?!? 😳😳😳

Gloria said...

Omg. Leave it to Maisie. My favorite sheep. Hope all ends well.

Anonymous said...

My girl, Maisie! I will be praying for you. 🐑. K. Littrell

Linda said...

Good grief! Glad she's doing well. She's a lucky girl.

tpals said...

Talk about playing with my emotions. Thought it was going to be a cute Maisie antics post and instead it's a health-scare-watch.

Sending scritches and crackers in my thoughts tonight.

Camp said...

You know Maisie some of us that have had the pleasure of you running in to them and dodging at them might say karma baby..but i will let that go because i wouldnt wish this on you precious Maisie. Sorry about your ear. sounds very painful. I hope it is on the men and you will be and quite (and mischievious) as ever.

As for the rest of the rascals...sounds like they've had just about enough of this heat.

bkraski said...

Maisie, I love this new look of yours! ♥️ Only you can carry this off with such style!

Terry and Linda said...

Gosh! Having a wool kid get into a situation is terrible. I hope she is up and about and everything goes well. Fingers crossed and prayers sent

Auntie Reg said...

Maybe we could make a felted ear head band. �� I am sure she would leave it on.
Only Maisie.

LannieK said...

Oh sweet Maisie ~ you're giving those of us who love ya so lots more grey hair. Your beautiful ear.I bet between Aunt Reg, Karen,& ypur "mum", they'll come up with a cute solution! Thank goodness you didn't drown!
Keep us posted on the string, that was stressful the first time around!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh Maisie I sure hope she will be okay! You could right a book about her adventures! :)


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