Wednesday, July 27, 2022


Big Moose has been trying to break into the boys club for almost three years.  Well, I'm not sure it he wanted in the boys club or just the Jared club.  He has idolized him since he was just a young lamb.  Jared has zero tolerance for pip squeaks though and has been pretty hard on him.  

Big Moose took his licks and didn't give up.  He continued to shadow Jared and Jared continued to knock him back.  Usually he actually punched him.  Sometimes he just gave him the "Ya botherin' me, boy!" and Big Moose would scatter. 

I haven't seen any serious punching lately and I'm seeing a lot more of this. I think he's apparently paid his dues. 


Goatldi said...

In the goat world the new found acceptance will turn to mush when rut sets in and the does start heat cycles again. Good luck Big Moose!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yeah for Big Moose:) Hope you are escaping all the flooding!

janejmtl said...

Good for you, Big Moose!

karen said...

I love to read the stories of your animals and how their personalities shine!


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