Saturday, June 25, 2022

Time To Air Up Your Tires

While it seems like summer lasts forever (at least to me), it's almost time for the 2022 Tour de Fleece! We are a week away.  It's time to pick out your challenge, tune up your wheel, pack some snack bags, download a good audiobook (or three) and get ready for three weeks of fiber fun :-).

Pinto is going to be our team captain this year.  He was the obvious choice not only because he's the newest sheep on the block, but also because there has been so much interest in what breed(s) of sheep he is and what his wool is like.

I know what his wool is like, having processed a sample amount, spun some yarn and knit a swatch...but apparently I never posted that over here...fer cryin' out loud :-/.  I'll go find some pictures.  In the meantime, I'm going to process another small amount and offer it as one of the team prizes.

I'm pretty sure Pinto would be that interested in a spinning wheel if he had access to one.  He's a pretty smart sheep ;-).  For a fun Tour kick off I'm going to set up a zoom with him out in the barn.  I'll most likely start it off with an Instagram Live and then switch over to zoom so more people can access it.  Details to come.

The Tour de Fleece (and Tour de France) starts July 1st.  Here is a link to the main group.  Here is a link to the Punkin's Patch group.  You do not have to participate online, but the Punkin's Patch group is a fun small group of  kind and encouraging spinners and we have a good time :-).

Since Pinto is having to learn a lot about his new life as a wool sheep on a fiber farm, I would like to encourage everyone to add something to their challenge this year that will help us all learn something new.  While I haven't picked out my spinning challenge for sure yet, my "learning something new" challenge is going to be washing an entire fleece in locks.  

Who's in?


Lori Skoog said...

Another gorgeous painting!

LannieK said...

I am in!
Love your Ravatar - thanks for another beautiful painting! Pinto would no doubt enjoy that wheel. Plenty of photos to follow, I am sure.

Off to do lots of dusting...

Far Side of Fifty said...

Have fun!! I look forward to seeing what you are doing!!

C. Jane Reid said...

I am definitely doing Tour de Fleece this year! My challenge is to make one skein of art yarn and my new thing to learn is to process a fleece that my dear sister Andrea sent me a loooong time ago.


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