Thursday, June 23, 2022

Porch Days

We've had some crazy hot weather lately, but I have to give the Wool House porch credit for being pretty tolerable.  Possum agrees.  

I've been trying to get a big batch of fleeces washed for a roving run.  I'm experimenting with a new/new to me technique that so far seems to be working out.  I have half of Rocky in the wash right now and if there are no issues in the final rinse, I'll share what I've learned.  

It's hard to hurt a Texel or Jacob fleece, but those more sensitive Cotswold crosses can be a bit trickier, especially the finer fleeces like Rocky.  If this works, I think we're good to go!

While we wait, here's a new puzzle :-).



Michelle said...

Eagerly anticipating your washing report!

Anchor Cottage said...

I love porch days!

Terry and Linda said...

I wish I could sit with you and the fur kids on the porch watching the sheep kids. Just once.


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