Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Your Laugh For The Day

I'm so glad I asked for favorite stories and/or favorite sheep to go with the yarn box orders.  That has truly been the best.  I've loved finding out who stood out and why.  Some were lambs, some were older sheep, some were rescues, some just brightened a day.

Last night I was reminded of one of the funniest stories to hit the blog.  It, of course, involved Maisie.  Do you remember her pulling Saint Tim's pants down?  I'd forgotten about that!  I'd like to say that's the only time a sheep's pulled someone's pants down around here, but alas... ;-D

That picture of Maisie is one that never fails to make me laugh.  I toyed with using it for her booklet picture, but that picture is best as it is.  If someone "new" saw it they'd think we were laughing at her, without knowing we were laughing with her.

"Whatever.  I'm laughing at you!"

After Early died, a friend left a comment about everyone holding on to all the memories for me.  That means more than you can ever know.  It hit me similarly this morning reading kind notes from friends who have started receiving their yarn. I am so glad there are now actual bits of those good lambs being tucked in safely all over as well.

Thank you so much for not only all the orders, but for sharing your stories and memories and your care.  Even the holding of memories that weren't shared.  Thank you for being part of the stories.

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ineedorange said...

Love this image of all of us holding the memories, together. Each with a bit someone else may not have. I'm thinking of Graham, who figured things out that others didn't know. :-)

I was just reading about humanity learning (in the last howevermany years) about how most of us homo sapiens have some Neanderthal DNA. Everyone whose thousands-of-years-ago ancestors ever left Africa is part Neanderthal. Usually less than 3%, I think. And just like those shared memories, we don't all have the same bits in our 3%. Between all of us, scientists have collected the info on about 20% of the Neanderthal genome.

So many things we know, now, that we were clueless about, when I was a kid.... And I love this notion that when we know things about ALL of us, the sum is so much greater than any part.


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