Thursday, May 12, 2022

Keep Those Cards And Letters Coming

I know it would be way more professional to have a website with a "buy it now" button and a way to easily calculate shipping costs and an immediate "thank you for your order" response, but those sites are expensive and fairly time consuming to maintain and just don't feel like the way our small farm operates.

I have LOVED getting your order emails with stories about who your favorite sheep is or which story is your favorite or how long you've been following along.  No one has followed the blog since a specific date.  They've followed "since Maisie was a baby".  Or Biscuit.  Or Baaxter.  Or Early.  Lots of Early love.

I also love that most people are saying they are excited about the yarn, but extra excited about the book of stories.  I'm also a little nervous about that as it's much more a booklet than a book and after spending so many hours trying to put that small collection together I was quite sure I would never attempt anything bigger.  

Now, a week or so away from "sending it to print" and being actually a little proud of what I got back, even though it's small, I think maybe I might try to write an actual book.  The stories are important.  Those animals are important...and not just to me.  When you share a story back, whether it's a story from here or a story from your life, it's a story that means something.  That's important.

I should have made it mandatory that you share your favorite sheep or a story with your order, because that's been the best part of the last couple of days. I think I've responded back to everyone who shared a memory, giving a little extra tidbit in return.  Let's keep that going.

Is you send me a story, I'll send you back one in return.  No purchase necessary.  No time limit.  If you are having a happy or a sad day and would like or need a story, send me an email with a story or at least just tell me who your favorite sheep is that day and I'll send one back.  It's fun :-D.

I'll do my best to answer as quickly as possible.  And, as always, if you ever don't get a response to an email, please check back because I get a stupid amount of 'not fun story' emails and sometimes things get lost.  

So here's an extra story for the Early folks...

I think everyone knows that Short Round is Ellie's mom.  I'm not sure everyone remembers that she was also Early's mom.  Before anyone thinks badly of her for not taking care of Early, that's a whole 'nother story and it was completely NOT her fault.  I'll share that story some other time.  She was a very good mother.

I never really had any real connection with Short Round like I did Cheeto or Krista.  Those two ewes, while being just part of a commercial flock, were friendly old ewes and became part of my family.  Short Round...well, Short Round was just Short Round, but I thought that sweet Early, who didn't get a chance to do much with his life, would have at least wanted to take care of his mom so she came over here to pension out.

Does that wrinkly nose look familiar?  There is no denying who his momma was :-).  So Short Round got on the trailer that day as a "just a sheep" (but they are never just sheep) and walked off the trailer here with Ellie a pet.  I sure didn't expect her to become friendly, but she settled right in and is now one of my favorite sheep.  Maybe Cheeto and Willard helped with that.  

I'm sure Willard taught her to eat banana peels, one of his very favorite treats.  That's what she's hoping I'm bringing her in the first picture.  She also eats baby carrots.  Petunia will eat a few, too, but that's about it for healthy snacks around here.  No one else would dream of eating anything that wasn't bread or crackers or cookies ;-).  

* * * * *

Just as stories should not go without saying, neither should thanks.  I am so incredibly grateful for all the yarn box orders the last two days.  I was so worried about where all my sheep would end up (again not the most professional), but even the emails from people I'd not met before were obviously long time friends.  Thank you!

I have another batch of yarn in the washer right now.   The sun is shining and there's a nice breeze across the porch, so I think it will dry quickly and I can keep packing.  I think there are only 20 or so skeins left after this group :-o.


Camp said...

so I guess i've been following your blog about, around since you turned 40 :-) and my first story or memory would be that my beloved Ben worked your flock (I think you said the first dog ever to do so). He was gentle and kind to them much to your and my delight. So my first memory is not about one sheep but the flock and now (just a few years later lol) it warms my heart to know his grandson Amos is there to be by your side and help you with the flock.

and there are lots of memories in between of precious lambs and well all the Equinox Farm critters i've grown to know and love over the years.

amyfibre said...

You have me scratching my head. When did I find you and your crazy crew?

I came to the Kentucky Sheep & Wool in May 2010, and I had just found out about you because I looked specifically for your booth. Bought some Jacob roving -- I'd have to dig through my records to figure out who it was.

And then later that year was Renny's rescue which secured your place in my heart forever. I followed along on that adventure, sending all my love and prayers and support and good vibes.

And by the time she settled into a happy retirement with you, I was a fan for life! Your blog (and Instagram) are some of my favorite places to hang out -- even when the circle of life means we mourn the loss of favorite furry friends.

Michelle said...

Well, I know I've been following along since Keebs and Graham Lamb arrived, and had the pleasure of meeting the handsome young fellows. And Handy.....

thecrazysheeplady said...

That was Beanie Baby if I remember correctly :-). I think his next year's fleece went to Karen and that's the one she won all the big ribbons with at MD.

Y'all been reading for a long time! Thank you for that :-).

Terry and Linda said...

I've been with you since 2007---I fell in love with your dogs and sheep and kitties. But my wonderful thing was Boo and Comby's love for each other. The love of a kitty is so necessary for Boo. Then there was Remmy ...what a sheep. What a heart that sheep had. I have so many loves at your place, even the people who populate your blog, I feel like are a huge part of my life.
Love You, Sara---you are one in a million to many

Shirley said...

I think I started following around the time you got Renny, maybe a little before that. I don't have a particular favourite among the sheep, as I love so many of them, but I have to say my all time favourite is/was Hank. Such a cool dude. I miss him.

Jean said...

I don't remember how I found you, but from the first post I read I was hooked! At one point I went back and read your blog from the beginning which is why I am not sure what bottle lamb you had at that time. I do know it was after Sunshine and before Renny. Graham and Keebler were somewhere in the mix too! My favorite sheep - I found something to love about all of them, but Renny truly latched on to my heart. She was always a survivor! Daniel's Bell, the list goes on, You are a blessing to us all


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