Thursday, November 25, 2021

Wovember Day 24. Stash

I've decided I need a new sweater.  While I really don't mind wearing any of my handknit sweaters out to the barn, the sweaters I reach for the most are Baaxter and B. Willard - the simple, dark colored pullovers.  I'd wear Ford too, but that's 20's favorite sweater ;-).  

I was also looking for a simple, almost mindless evening knitting project and a simple sweater definitely meets that criteria...until I mess up something ;-).  I have Jared's yarn set aside for the Iknitarod in March, but who wants to wait that long!

Remember the Jacob yarn I spun for the Tour de Fleece a couple of years ago?  It would be perfect for a cozy warm barn sweater.  I then searched Ravelry for a new pattern and picked the Sophiasburgh sweater by Sam Lamb.  Just enough color to keep things interesting and it has an interesting design feature I want to try.

I was sure I had something in the yarn stash that would work for the patterning and I did.  I could tell it was Jacob, but I couldn't remember which sheep it was.  I had a couple guesses, but unfortunately I hadn't tagged it.  I scrolled back through the blog and found it under a Spinzilla post from 2015.  

To refresh your memory, the dark Jacob yarn was from our very first five Jacob sheep.  I think it was a 2005 shearing.  It had originally been processed by Ohio Valley Natural Fibers as quilt batting, but when it became obvious I was never going to get a quilt made, I had them re-run it as roving.

The light gray? It's a blend of Emily and Annabelly, our very next two Jacobs!  Nothing could be more perfect.  

The historical significance of these yarns is (inspiring/heartwarming/exciting....?).  I'm really looking forward to spending some time with seven of my most favorite Jacob sheep ever and wearing the finished sweater while working around our present day flock.

Stash for the win!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Camp said...

the neckline is gorgeous on the pattern. this will be a happy sweater with those silly jacobs lol. I know they mean so much to you.

Marcy said...

Love that pattern. Just “enough”! Happy thanksgiving.

Leslie said...

So cool to have a personal connection with your yarn and eventually the knitted items you make from it.

Michelle said...

Yes, perfect! Now you have me thinking. I think I have enough of Browning's yarn for a sweater, plus some odd balls of white spindle-spun yarn I could use in a simple colorwork yolk. I've never knit a pullover because I'm afraid it won't fit well and would be wasted time and effort, but perhaps it's time.

Terry and Linda said...

So exciting!!! It will be fun to see it!

LannieK said...

Perfect match ~ in every way!


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