Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Fall Friends

Bea and I went for a walk out back yesterday afternoon.  Possum came with us for the first time.  She followed Kate down to the creek in the front field once a couple of weeks ago, but I think that was more her taking care of Kate than taking a walk with friends.

Possum is lonely.  She and Betsy do not get along.  She likes me, but is still wary and only lets me pet her when she feels safe up on something like a cabinet or one of her beds.  She loved those quiet old dogs.  Bea is as far from old and quiet as she could possibly be.

I think Possum understands that Bea is a baby.  I bet, like me, she is just hoping Bea eventually quickly grows out of her way too exuberant behavior.  In the meantime, I'm seeing some action that makes me think she's trying to figure out a way to be friends.

I try very hard to stop Bea when I see her chasing Possum.  There is nothing I hate more than a dog who chases other animals...well, unless it's a guard dog chasing a coyote.  Lately I think Possum might be deliberately letting Bea chase her sometimes, almost teasing her into a race.  

Yesterday I saw Possum chase Bea back a couple of times as we explored around the Frog Pond.  The forays up a nearby tree looked almost more like a fun game than an escape.  I'm still not comfortable with Bea's behavior, but I think we're all trying.  No one's trying harder than Possum.

I thought this picture would be too busy and not fun, but it is actually made for a good puzzle.  Bea is a bit too busy as well, but maybe she's turning into a fun puzzle for Possum as well.


Linda said...

Possum and Bea will figure it out. My dog would chase our cats. Cat One enjoyed the game but Cat Two refused to play it. The dog would chase and Cat Two would just stop running. The dog decided she was no fun :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

They will work it out in time....or not. I am betting they will be best friends:)

Michelle said...

It will take some time, but they will come to an understanding.

Terry and Linda said...

It takes a while---there is so much energy when you are young

bobbieliz said...

This is a great photo of two friends looking forward together into the adventures in the future!

Lady Locust said...

Awe, sometimes making new friends is tough. Sounds like they're working it out - a nice thing for Mama.

Shirley said...

Maybe Bea will bring out a new more playful side of Possum. either that or Bea will learn to respect cats in a hurry.

karen said...

my cat and dog respectfully like each other at a distance. I hope they become friends eventually!


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