Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Strange Bedfellows - Updated

If you've been following along on Instagram then you are well aware of the unusual relationship Possum has with dogs.  Possum and Salt.  Possum and Kate.  So, so sweet...and then along comes the Bea-st.

Possum attempted to introduce herself that first day and Bea...was a naughty enthusiastic puppy and scared she ran...which Bea thought was Big Fun and there were a couple days when I seriously toyed with returning Bea.  Everyone must get along here and especially must be kind to Possum who has taken such good care of two of my very best friends.

Early on Betsy popped Bea a couple of times and backed her off.  I think it never occurred to Possum to smack a dog and I had to resort to carrying a pop can full of rocks everywhere we went to either shake or throw at Bea whenever I saw any sign of cat worrying.  That got really old, really quickly.

Bea got a bit bigger and faster and even more excitable puppy-ish and decided to give Betsy another run and we are still working on that.  Interestingly though Bea pretty much stopped bothering Possum and now I frequently see them hanging out together in front of the barn.  I still don't think Possum really likes Bea, but there seems to be some sort of truce. 

(Warning - graphic story ahead)

I originally thought maybe Possum had just figured out if she didn't run, Bea wouldn't chase her.  But at the same time I started noticing that Possum was leaving little "gifts" on the Wool House porch, specifically on Bea's red blanket.  One afternoon when Bea got exceptionally quiet, I finally found her in the garage eating on a teenage size rabbit (!).  

I wish we didn't need a barn cat, but we do.  We would never use poisons because of the dangers to other animals like owls and have not had great luck with traps.   Possum has cleaned up the barn and runs a tight ship.  I still worry about the three little chickens, but they are pretty good at staying out of her way.  The bunny was heartbreaking.  

It's hard not to make a connection with the "gifts" and the end of Bea chasing Possum.  The rabbit almost the same size as Bea?  Was is a gift...or a warning... 

It's a good thing she's cute!

Just after I published this post, I walked outside and took this picture.  Awww, aren't they cute?  And then an hour later had to holler at Bea for chasing Possum.  I'm not quite sure she's cute enough... ;-).


Far Side of Fifty said...

Eventually they will be friends, it just takes time. Bea is just exploring her world, nice of Possum to share fresh meat...most likely a peace offering...or hope she chokes on bones:( One never knows with cats:)

Linda said...

Puppies ...will be puppies. I know you will give her time. And patience.

Camp said...

new relationships take time. they are not automatic and each have their own terms. I know you have the patience to wait until they find an acceptable "peace". sadly, too often, others panic and make rash decisions without giving it time. you see it happen with dogs, cats, kids, seniors...forcing a fit instead of nurturing the fit with what might be some variation to the norm.

Laura L. said...

Oh puppies. Probably things will work out just fine, it will just take time.

Michelle said...

Sometimes Poppy chases Chuckie, and is sometimes very rough with him when she catches him. He has never tried to 'teach her a lesson' (not sure that method would work on a tough terrier mindset anyway), and keeps coming round to interact, so I think they truly are buddies in a twisted sado/maso way.

Anonymous said...

Your post reminds me of when we got our second puppy, Bonnie. She was 1 1/2 years younger than our other dog, Tavi. Tavi was the queen of our home. I adored her. When my husband brought Bonnie home, this tiny puppy climbed out of the dog carrier, took one look at the bigger Tavi and proceeded to chase her. Tavi was terrified. I was so upset, I was ready to send Bonnie back. How dare anyone chase my Tavi! Ha, it did not take Tavi long to figure out this game. She was soon knocking Bonnie over, grabbing a puppy cheek and giving her a quick shake. Bonnie never yelped, just got very still. Tavi would then let go. Soon the hierarchy was established and they remained solid companions until they both went over the Rainbow Bridge. Puppies bring a different vibe to a household. They can be challenging but so worth it. I still predict Possum and Bea will establish a working relationship if not a great friendship. Cheering for you all. K. Littrell

Katie C. said...

Yeah, I have two indoor female cats and an outside male feral cat. This morning, Gus kitty caught and was playing with a chipmunk. 🙄

He does his outside job but I can’t watch that.

Terry and Linda said...

Darn, a doggie just needs friends!

Shirley said...

Good thing pups are cute! But you do have your work cut out for you.


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