Monday, October 25, 2021

Hug A Sheep Day Is Extra Special This Year

The first year we celebrated National Hug A Sheep Day was October 30, 2010.  Punkin would have been 18 that day.  This year the "last Saturday in October" has once again come back around to the 30th, Punkin's birthday.  He would have been 29.  Twenty...nine...

Punkin...what a funny life story.  Who'd have thought one little "throwaway" lamb could change a person's life so completely and inspire an official holiday. 

Days of the Year has posted a great update, adding in more information about sheep and wool products.  Happy Days 365  has as well.  It's fun to follow #hugasheepday on various platforms to see sheep from all over.  Don't forget to add the hashtag to your photos!

This year our farm party will once again be virtual.  That actually ended up being pretty fun last year because everyone could watch.  We'll do another virtual flock walk, cookie party and of course, the now annual embarrassing of Maisie.  That too sounds like something that could become a new national holiday, but we all know that at some point she's going to take us all out and that will be the end of that ;-).

This was the original Hug a Sheep Day logo, with my good buddy Ewen McTeagle, the best hugging sheep ever.  Punkin would let me hug him, but pretty much tried to punch anyone else.  Still, as it's his birthday this year, I updated the logo to match his cute fuzzy gray face.  Feel free to use it for anything non-commercial.  If you would like to use it for something commercial, please just email me for permission.


Cheryl West said...

I do look forward to the sheep holiday and wish you all a sunny, mild day

Dos Galgos said...

What a lovely logo! I have come to respect and even like on occasion, wool, since I've been sewing historical clothing. Great stuff and if we had sheep close by, I'd definitely give them a quick hug! Thanks for your blog, really enjoy it! Anna

Unknown said...

How Can I join the virtual celebration? Sounds like a great time!

Thanks, Kellie


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