Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The Lightning Round

For installment three of our summer online horse show series I decided to set up a small cones course.  Cones are not only fun, but they are also a great way to practice steering as you have to actually make the prescribed turns, not just turn when it's convenient.  Cones are part of both Combined Driving Events and Pleasure Driving shows.

Frankie and I have only driven cones a few times and never an actual pattern, mostly just turning through whichever cones were "convenient" ;-).  I set up a simple course with easy, flowing turns and only a couple tougher lines or turns to challenge both of us.  I wanted it to be fun for Frankie, like a game, and to build his confidence.

We warmed up a few minutes and then got ready to start the video.  "I'm going to do the first trip around just slow and steady.  We'll go faster on the second round."  The first trip was...slow and steady.  I knew it was slow, but I was happy with how smoothly we'd driven.  "Okay, this time we'll go fast!"

Note to time we do this only Stella gets to watch and Leslie and Derek have to video.  The rest of the peanut gallery with their barely disguised silent laughing and the out loud laughing...

"I'm giving it all I've got, Captain!"

"It's the pedal on the right!"

"Be careful!"

Despite my best efforts, the second round...was as excruciatingly slow as the first one.  Honestly, even I had to laugh.  Stella said we did a good job though, which...for a green horse, we really did.  It was just hilariously slow, especially for an ex-racehorse.  

"Let's try one more time.  Come on Frankie.  You can do it!"

It still looks pretty slow, but it's waaaay faster then the earlier attempts ;-).  


Shirley said...

It looked very smooth! Frankie has lovely carriage.

Shirley said...

Next week's Sunday Stills is patterns. Too bad videos aren't allowed!

Linda said...

You both look great! Very smooth and consistent.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I think you guys did really well! Very good steering and it looks like a lot of fun. Good boy Frankie!👍🏻

Dos Galgos said...

The trot has gotten much better and I think the challenge of turns and straights give him a puzzle to figure out; yeah otherwise he looks like the pokey pony LoL. Keep at it because you're having fun too! Anna

Michelle said...

Yeah; we know why he's no longer a "racehorse." Still want to smoosh Frankie and Stella in a blender and come out with two thoroughly combined horses with just enough 'go'! (But I still want the black one. ;-)

Sheepmom said...

Frankie looks really smooth. Can't wait to see how he reacts to other horses and carriages in the ring with him.


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