Monday, June 21, 2021

It's Time To Dust Off Our "Bikes"

As crazy as it seems, the Tour de Fleece starts this Saturday!  I believe my plan is to spin two pounds of Jared, but there's still a little stewing about that as I have something else that's also super tempting.  More about that later.

This year's team mascots are the Lamb Camp Kiddos and their mommas.  As always there is a team thread on our Ravelry page, but the Tour is open to everyone.  If you aren't on Ravelry, you can post updates in the comments here if you'd like.  There might be prizes ;-).

It's time to dust off our wheels and make some yarn!  Who's in?


MarmePurl said...

as per always, I will hope on my bike as I can. Thanks for the reminder.

Goatldi said...

Would you be able to add a west coast spinner or no room at the barn?

Michelle said...

Me and my spindles will be spinning along!


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