Monday, April 5, 2021

This WAS A Test - Updated

I linked my Instagram to the blog using IFTTT and it DID work, but the formatting was wonky and without knowing how to fix that or having the time to try to learn, it was making me crazy so I deleted the imported post and manually re-posted it to clean things up.  So...barn clean, blog clean, house...still a wreck :-o.


Leslie said...

Great daffs!

I need orange said...

Looks like it worked!

And the daffs are beautiful.

Shirley said...

It worked but you may want to go to your blogger dashboard and edit it to extra large instead of original size.
I call those ones Narcissus, although that is the genus for all "daffodils" I always called the white ones Narcissus and the yellow ones Daffodils.

Far Side of Fifty said...

yes your flowers are very pretty and very large on the goes all the way over uyou right side:)!

Grey Horse Matters said...

They're beautiful and look very happy!

Terry and Linda said...

I'm trying to do the 'clean' things also...where do all the hours in the day go?


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