Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Wool House [Catters]

Back in the olden times the Wool House Crafters met at the actual Wool House.  It was good fun and I always enjoyed seeing what everyone was working on and how it seemed to help motivate some of us to actually finish projects we'd started, learn something new, try something hard...  I feel confident we'll get back to outdoor gatherings, but I wonder if we'll ever feel normal enough to crowd indoors again in the cold months :-/.

Late last fall I was dragged (halfheartedly kicking and screaming) into using Zoom for a virtual meeting.  I did a practice meeting with my friends Robin and Andy and it was....actually really nice to see them even if it was just on a computer screen.  I was surprised how different it was to talk via video versus the phone.  Sometimes technology is a win :-).

After a fun Roc Day Zoom party we decided to pick up the monthly (second Tuesday of each month) Wool House Crafters meetings virtually as well.  And then, because none of us had anything better to do most Tuesday nights, we've just been meeting every week and it's been good fun and we've enjoyed seeing what everyone is working on, motivating each other to finish projects, learn something new, try something hard...  

Maybe the most fun is being able to do this with friends from all over the country.  If you are ever interested in joining us some Tuesday evening (7:00 to 9:00 eastern time), just follow the link at the top right corner of the blog.  If I'm not there right at 7:00, 20 covers for me ;-).  

So, if Crafters night is so much fun, why is Possum hiding under the loom in the top picture?  Kind of a funny story.  Several folks have cats and dogs who don't mind joining the meetings for a few minutes. Some are better knitters than others ;-).  Possum cries at the door to come in...but just can't bring herself to come through it.  Until two weeks ago.

It was a warm night and I'd propped the door open so Kate could go in or out as she wanted.  Possum stuck her nose in...and back out.  Walked in...and then back out.  A bit further in...and then quickly back out.  Then she cautiously snuck in behind the loom...and then back out.  Finally she came far enough in to see the computer screen and hear Auntie Reg talking to her and she stared intently at it for almost a minute...and then darted back out.

The next morning was cold and rainy and she didn't appear on the back porch with Salt for breakfast.  I didn't think anything about it because I'd rather sleep in a warm heated bed myself on a morning like that.  Likewise when she didn't appear in the barn later that morning, hunkering down during bad weather is her normal behavior.  

Luckily I needed to get something out of the Wool House before I left for Lamb Camp.  When I opened the door I heard a tiny meow.  Uh oh.  "Possum?"  "Mew."  "Where are you?" "Mew." "Possum!"  "Mew." 

I guess there are worse places to spend a cold, rainy night ;-).


Anonymous said...

I'm tellin ya, you had her at "Wool." 😁 K.Littrell

bkraski said...

Oh possum! I bet it was cozy and warm! Did you try the couch?

Shirley said...

Zoom can be fun and waaaay better than texting or email.
Possum will soon be queen of all she surveys. What a lucky cat, getting to live on your farm with a big dog for a bff and people from all over the world delighted with stories about her.


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