Monday, March 2, 2020

Sunny Sunday

We had a nice break in the weather Sunday so I headed out with the sheep for a late afternoon graze.  The sheep were spread out between the Pond Field and the Lower Paddock.  The Pond Field is...the one with the ponds in it, behind the arena.  The Lower Paddock is the closer of those two paddocks next to the Front Field.  I was sitting in the Lower Paddock with Kaala and about 12 other sheep.

This should be a fun puzzle :-).

That better just be a lot of wool, Kaala ;-).

Hark!  Who goes there?

An intruder!

And someone or something else?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new puzzle. they are always fun (I load them for max number of pieces for more fun ;)

....AND the blog loads fine with this new post!
I had checked earlier this morning and it still blinked-blanked on the Leap day bunny post. No longer. A nice clean load :)

M in NC
hope that Miss Tilly did not have to run under a fence to get away from the guard sheep.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh it is just extra winter wool:) This post showed up just fine! Oh I like seeing your green grass:)

thecrazysheeplady said...

I didn't have trouble opening this post either. Maybe it's fixed :-D.

Benita said...

Kaala's not fat, she's just fluffy. Ok, maybe she's also a fatty girl, too. I cannot wait to see this year's fleece. I have her baby fleece and the hand cards at the ready, and her first two adult fleeces are at Stonehedge being turned into yarn. Gotta love Clun Forest fleeces!

Cheryl West said...

Your blog is back and loading perfectly on my laptop this morning.
I'm looking forward to milder days to get back to my garden. And who was the intruder, Mr. Fox again?

sophy0075 said...

I think Clun Forest wool is really floofy. (Well, it's really fun to spin.) You don't think Kaala found - ahem!- a boyfriend?

Andrea Charles said...

O those fluffy fleece adding extra winter wool to Kaala 😊 The weather seems good to a meaningful Sunday. Green and lush field and an extra treat for Kaala and friends. The intruder between us o no !! Kaala just wondering. Thank you for the post and for making the day bright and pleasant. Enjoy !!!

VasanthMusicCoimbatore said...

The sheep grazing in their paddocks is a perfect picture of peace and quiet. Kaala looks like she's boss and means business. A friend of mine is into the business of rearing goats. But they rarely get to go out of the farm because they are a lot safer inside.


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