Thursday, March 5, 2020

A Strange Voice In The Barn

As I was starting to do evening chores the other night and the sheep were filtering in from the back field I heard a strange "ba-a-a-a-a".  Low and gravel-y. 

"Who was that?" I called out. 


Hmmmm...  "Who said that?" I asked again, hoping to see someone's lips move, but it was nearly dark. 


I know pretty much every "baaaa" in the flock.  Rarely does someone say something that I don't at least recognize as a familiar voice.  A deep voice does not necessarily mean a ram or wether (boys); a high voice doesn't necessarily mean a ewe (girls).  Liddy can growl with the best of them and Jared sings soprano ;-).

I called out one more time.  The sheep looking most intently at me was Big Moose.  He was standing just outside the door though and it was too dark to see his black face...and besides, I knew his voice.  Still...  I pulled out the lamb dinner call.


"Ba-a-a-a-a-a!"  "Baaaaaa!"

It was Big Moose.  His voice had changed!

And Mini Moose's hasn't.  Just something silly to make you laugh :-).

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Speaking of big voices, if you missed this video the other day, that's Biscuit with the Big Baaa hollering as the sheep run up.  And you definitely don't want to miss Maisie racing everyone in with her propeller spinning :-D.


Shirley said...

Well now who knew boy sheep have voice changes!
And loved Maisie and her tail :0)

Cheryl West said...

So Big Moose has hit puberty with his voice change? We learn something new all the time from you.
It's fun to see everyone racing home.

sophy0075 said...

I never knew sheep boys went "bass".

It's amazing to me how critters so floofy and, well, round can run, hop, and cavort so fast. (Not to mention that propeller!)

Goatldi said...

I don’t know who’s sillier you were the sheep๐Ÿ˜‚

Thanks for the bit of dusk at barn fun.

Terry and Linda said...

Big Moose is growing up!

LannieK said...

Big Moose was just testing out his lungs - wants to audition ~

Far Side of Fifty said...

Does he have a sore throat? :)

Unknown said...
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thecrazysheeplady said...

Nope, no sore throat. That's just his grown up voice :-).


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