Monday, October 21, 2019

A Special...But Not Really Wanted Guest

We've had a fox visiting our farm for the last couple of weeks.  With no lambs here, I'm not really worried about him or her bothering the sheep.  I do worry about the chickens though and I especially worry about Comby, who likes to hunt out in this same field.  

"Yeah, I see you, too.  I think you are beautiful, but you better beat feet before Hank sees you."

If the sheep are out grazing, Hank calls them in to safety.  Doing that usually frightens the fox away, but if not, he races out to escort him under the fence. 

Hank has been much happier since it's cooled down.  I think the fox is probably less happy ;-).

*      *       *       *        *

The Rhinebeck Blues Party was really fun.  We had a great group of sheep and fiber enthusiasts, the weather was perfect and Auntie Reg nailed the Artichoke French!  The sheep all behaved (because we didn't use Maisie for any of the demonstrations ;-) and the only "workshop" we skipped was washing wool.  Karen taught wheel spinning and wool combing.  I taught shepherding, fleece judging and skirting.  Let's do it again next year!

The forecast for our Hug a Sheep Day farm party this Saturday isn't looking quite as good, but that's several days away.  Hopefully they are just wrong.  It will be fun, regardless :-).  Hope you can join us!


sophy0075 said...

I’m glad Hank has the fox under control (but will be happier when Raynaud moves on - I want Comby and the Adventure Chickens all safe and well. No more sad events!)

Oh, PLEASE set the date for your next year’s Not Rhinebeck! I want to get my days off request on the store calendar.

Cheryl West said...

I second Sophy's concerns about Mr. Fox. Does Salt get involved in any of the action to send the fox on his way?
I'm so glad you had a great day for your own festival and wish you a dry, sunny weekend for the Hug-A-Sheep party. No one wants soggy cookies.

Delrene said...

He is a beautiful animal, but not welcome. The countryside and your farm look so serene. I need that right now. Life is too much out here in So. California.

Terry and Linda said...

I agree Foxes are beautiful creatures but not welcome. YOU GO HANK! GOOD JOB!

-jane roth- said...

Yea! for Hank!

Far Side of Fifty said...

yeah Hank! We have Fox here they eat the rabbits, I wish they would get the squirrels:) Hope the Adventure Chickens are not dinner:(


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