Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ten More

Random horse shot as they randomly decided to gallop back to the barn.  Hank loves when they do this ;-).

Early this spring I caught a tiny flash of brown dart out of one of the bigger lavender plants.  I quietly walked over to see and sure enough, a tiny baby bird in a teeny tiny nest.  I quietly told the little bird to always be very quiet, especially when there might be a stupid cat around.  

I'd stroll through every day, never doing anything that might attract a cat's attention and watched.  And worried.  And one day I saw a tiny fledgling in the nearby dye garden and the nest was empty.  A tiny success story!

Well, part of a tiny success story.  There remained an unhatched egg.  It's still there, tiny blue in a tiny horse hair lined nest.  So pretty.  I think it was a chipping sparrow.

I love this honey bee with her face deep in a bloom.  A good place to be :-).

There are actually three new puzzles - two with lavender and one with the horses.  I worked the horse puzzle last night and it was a fun one with lots going on.  Click the puzzle to get to my folder of puzzles.  There may be others you haven't worked yet.



Jo said...

How beautiful are those horses galloping towards the barn. I love that you found and protected the tiny bird in the nest. The bee in the lavender is pretty too. Thanks for sharing. Jo

Lisa W said...

Two words. Dye garden. Tell us more!

Bee Lady said...

I feel relaxed just looking at your patch of lavender! I think I need more than one or two plants!

Cindy Bee

thecrazysheeplady said...

I added a "label" for dye garden. You can click that to get to all, or at least most of the posts about it. I've probably missed a few, but "flowers" should get anything I missed. It's behind the Wool House :-).

LannieK said...

Judy & Marshall said...

Awesome photos!! I love lavender, it smells divine and it brings in the bees. I bet you were worrying about that little baby bird, so glad that it made it. That's interesting that the nest is on the ground.

Have a great week,

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your lavender is lovely! I can almost smell it! :)

Ruth said...

I love your garden! There's a bit of a garden behind my granny's house and I'd love to plant windflowers there, and on the grass on the sides of the lane too. Something very hardy that doesn't require much care. Not a gardener by any stretch (I killed a cactus) but it would be nice! :)


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