Thursday, June 29, 2017

Part Of My Wednesday Post...On Thursday

The rest of yesterday's post is getting too picture heavy, so here's one to sweeten up your morning.  

I like to check on everyone periodically through the day.  I just casually walk down the barn aisle to check the older sheep. No one wakes up.  Biscuit and Muffin I have to sneak up on.  Any hint of my coming around might mean BABAS!!!  

Biscuit still likes to sleep in the creep feeder.  I'm guessing this feels safe to him after sleeping in the dog crate in the kitchen.  I love that Muffin sleeps near him, nose to nose.  They are so cute together.  And the white fuzz on her is Biscuit's.  Black sheep problems ;-).


paula said...

Just precious, a sweet way to start my day!

Shirley said...

Bffs! I wonder if they will always be.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Cute I hope they stay bestest friends:)

Ruth said...

Awww! <3

Lisa Smith said...

It's wonderful that Biscuit and Muffin have each other; sleeping nose to nose is so sweet! What a comforting thought. . . . :-)


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