Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Three Bags Full

Or 30ish...if we're really counting ;-).

One side of the tack room.  The other group of skirted fleeces is behind me and the picture is blurry.  Just because you gots a camera...doesn't mean you know how to use it.  Sigh.

I finally got the Fleece page updated on the main website. The fleeces listed there are fleeces I think someone would want, especially if you know the sheep.  Most are in better shape than I'd feared they might be and those that aren't...aren't on there.  Except Boudreaux, because everyone loves Boudreaux.

The prices reflect that they aren't "perfect".  There is more VM (Vegetable Matter - mostly hay and straw and the occasional Adventure Chicken feather?!?) than ideally should be there, but none (except Boudreaux, of course ;-) are so bad that you'd be sorry you got involved, but if you are, I'll be happy to take it back.

Casper Belly - a pretty Jacob fleece.

Several have had inquiries but I haven't marked them sold yet.  Graham and Mia have been claimed unless something changes.  Blossom...I think I'm going to keep her lamb fleece or at least half of it.  There's a waiting list in case I change my mind.

If you are interested in purchasing a fleece, you are welcome to come out to the farm (please make an appointment so we'll be here) and pick it up.   I can ship it to you if you aren't local.  I can hold it until the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival or if you are headed to The Fiber Event at Greencastle this weekend, I will be making a quick run up there on Friday and would be happy to throw it in the car.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

'Cause just about nothing beats watching a sleeping baby :-).  

Except maybe getting a bunch of wool out of your tack room because you tripped over Graham's fleece yesterday trying to hang up your bridle and you have to wonder if he somehow did that on purpose because he's "clever" that way.


Andee said...

Graham! hee hee. I wish I could quit my job and spin fleece by day and knit at night, then I would buy a fleece or two. That reminds me of all the fleeces I have to spin. Humm. I need some motivation.

MarmePurl said...

and I repeat: I NEED a wheel. I would buy one of your fleece in a flash. If only I has the courage to stop thinking and start doing.

Alice said...

What a bounty of wonderful fleece you have this year!
Having spun a sample of a good many of the fleece from your flock, I think them all delightful and I'm a most simple spinner :-)

Michelle said...

As a non-spinner, I can only appreciate the work/time/effort that has gone into these lovely fleeces!

april said...

Your photographs are absolutely fabulous. I wish you'd put them into a book!

Unknown said...

I wish I knew how to spin, or knit:-(.

farmlady said...

Beautiful fleece... inspires me to felt again and I think I want to learn to spin.
Thanks too for the dose of cuteness.


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