Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ewes Not Fat! Ewes Just Fluffy!

Well, maybe a little fat ;-). 

A big ole roll of Lila.

Hard to stuff into a bag.  This was a surprising fleece.  I thought it looked okay while it was still on her, but nothing super special.  As I unrolled it for skirting, I couldn't believe it.  So pretty - creamy, crimpy and a definite early favorite this year.

Sweet Petunia.  Definitely more fluff than fat.  This was our biggest fleece at over 9 pounds.  I'm trying hard not to keep half of this for myself, but I'm not sure how much lighter colored she's going to get over the next few years and I'd sure like a Petunia sweater that still looks like what I think of Petunia looking like (brown). 

Should be plenty of her long, luscious lock to go around :-).

Renny.  Hard to believe she's grayed out so much so quickly, but I think that has something to do with her Shetland background. 

This is a fun looking fleece.  While not super soft, it's a neat color and definitely a fleece with character.  Just like the sheep that grew it, eh?

Blossom was pretty "fluffy" as well.  Actually, she was very fluffy.  Her first shearing lamb fleece from a small yearling ewe was just a few ounces behind these big girls - well over 7 pounds!  I have a skirting post in the works with her pictures.

I spent much of the afternoon trying to update our website.  I won't get into the long gory details of why it's still not updated, but I will share why it needs to be updated:

1.  There's a LOT of wool in our barn.

2.  I am supposed to be selling fleeces.

3.  It's a little hard to explain adding Two More Fleeces when... well, see number 1.

I couldn't help myself.  I knew who that brown lamb was as soon as I saw him.  And when I picked him up he settled right into my arms like he was supposed to be there.  That's his brother next to him and probably who will be coming with him unless Robin thinks a different lamb would be a better match.  I just can't believe I didn't get some better pictures.  Sigh. 

SO, the moral of this story is there will be a few fleeces available for sale this spring.  On our website.  That will be updated.  Hopefully tomorrow.  If not, I'll be keeping some of Renny's wool to replace my own hair that I will have completely pulled out.


Anonymous said...

OMG, that brown and white lamb is darling!! Not that I need any more brown babies at the moment, but I'm a sucker for spots

Far Side of Fifty said...

When are the new ones coming? How exciting!! :)

Tombstone Livestock said...

Love the squiggly white marking, he is adorable, not an angora goat but still adorable.

MarmePurl said...

I need a wheel. I need a wheel. I need a wheel.

Stephen Andrew said...

Cheers to the new babies!

Nickname unavailable said...

Yes, well, as soon as you announced your trip I began waiting for the pictures of who was riding home with you in the back of the car.......only surprise here it that the newbies aren't here already! Happy days to come for you-for sure!

Lori Skoog said...

Ha ha! Big surprise. Let me know when you are coming so the B&B is ready. I hope you take the brothers so they can have the special life you offer at Equinox Farm.

The fleeces are spectacular!!!!!

Andee said...

Good luck updated your website. I just had to do the farms this morning because we just got a huge unexpected advertisement. They linked to our site and it was advertising our Black Friday Open House. Humm. I did some quick recovery. I would want to keep all the fleeces for myself too!

Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...

Beautiful fleece!

Tyche's Minder said...

Weeeeeeeeeee. Can't wait to meet the newbies!

Alice said...

Can't wait for the new Lambie brothers to get here.
That's quite the " three bags full" you've got. A little something for all of us!

Out of curiosity does the texture of the wool change with the color of the fleece, or is it just color change?

AdrieneJ said...

I just saw you made it onto Cute Overload! It's about time more people knew about the cuties there. :)

Nina said...

Love those fleeces, both colours and crimp. If only I had an unlimited budget for fleece acquisition. I'll have to admit to loving knowing the names of the sheep whose fleeces I'm using. It just makes it more special.

Anchor Cottage said...


LannieK said...

I need a wheel!
Love the new little brown lamb... l.o.v.e. I so wish I could take his brother!
I need a wheel! Heck, I need to un-pack cuz there's no room for a wheel. Hugs and crackers! Thanks for the pix! :-)

LannieK said...

I need a wheel!
Love the new little brown lamb... l.o.v.e. I so wish I could take his brother!
I need a wheel! Heck, I need to un-pack cuz there's no room for a wheel. Hugs and crackers! Thanks for the pix! :-)

YarnKettle said...

You go right ahead and keep some fleece. Memories are warmer when they're wooly, right?
Who knows maybe I will test that theory with getting my first fleece.

Terry and Linda said...

Oh Dear...Maisey is going to be sooooooooo jealous! But I can hardly wait....exciting!


Terry said...

Oh my goodness, the fleeces are gorgeous! They would be such fun to spin.
Congratulations on the little brown doll.

farmlady said...

Oh those lambs... and all that beautiful fleece.
A lovely post, especially the last photo. Lambs are a dose of cuteness.


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