Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's About Time

Two years ago for the Tour de Fleece, I spun the first half of my Punkin yarn. Now, finally, it's on the loom and ready to weave.

I am a serviceable loom warper. I get the job done. It's sometimes not pretty and I've had to fuss with tensioning at the end of more than one large project - not so's you notice though since THIS LOOM HAS NOT BEEN USED ONE TIME SINCE IT MOVED TO THE WOOL HOUSE :-/.

This project is too special though, so I knew I needed to call in some expert assistance.

We counted, recounted, lined everything up, evened out loose threads, tied on, smoothed and fiddled a little more and began winding. It's nerve wracking (at least to me), but I LOVE to see a warp (the yarn that will go from front to back) start winding on.

Even though I wasn't warping sectionally, I prefer winding onto the sectional beam. Don't worry about what that all means - just for the real weavers out there who are wondering what the heck is she doing? You've got to remember who you are dealing with... ;-)

Click, click, click (ratchet).

Are you getting excited?

A sentinel.

Everything goes around the square beam, up over the back beam, through the metal heddles and reed, out to the front beam, where the weaving will start.

Another one. They're everywhere!

I love this late afternoon/evening light...only when the AC is cranking ;-).

Stay cool everyone. I'm headed back up to the wool house to weave a warm wool blanket :-D.


CathyD. said...

That looks soo complicated.
Can't imagine being able to do that, (as I sit here, still trying to get the twist right with my drop spindle).
Good Luck, I know Punkin would love it.

Deb W said...

I hope you've got A/C in the Woolhouse. You're going to need it today!

I love the sheep in many of the photos. I reminds me of symbolism in medieval paintings.

Sheepmom said...

I love the sheep on top of the loom looking down on the warp. "Hmm, yes, that looks right. Carry on. "

Can't wait to see it done. What a testament to dear Punkin.

small farm girl said...

I was wondering if that loom was just for decoration. heheheehehe. Can't wait to see the end project. Although, don't forget posts about the middle of the project too. I'm soaking it all in! :)

Alice said...

What beautiful yarn you have spun on that loom. The weaving will be a great tribute to the sheep who started it all. Lucky for you to have such a good friend to help you get a sterling start on this project.

Lori Skoog said...

You sound pretty psyched! It's been stickie hot here too....yuck. Could you please take photos as you go with this project...I would love to see the different stages of development.

flowerweaver said...

It's great to see Punkin on the loom, finally!

cyndy said...

Wonderful and beautiful!

It is sure to be a warm blanket, capturing all this summer heat!

Janice Grinyer said...

Oh, thats going to be just lovely when you are done. I agree, a perfect testament to Punkin...

Anonymous said...

Love that loom ;)


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