Friday, December 11, 2009

It's A Conspiracy

I finally broke down and paid money for a dozen store bought eggs the other day. It's been months since we've had any return on investment for all the laying mash, scratch grains, coop heater, heated water... The very next day someone laid an egg out there. Don't tell me they aren't laughing behind my back.

There was a small(ish) incident with Hank back in the summer and the Adventure Chickens no longer go on many true adventures in the front field. I felt bad about this - no one should be denied adventures - so we decided to let them wander the yard this winter. As long as they stayed out of the flower garden.

Ahem, as long as they stay out of the flower garden!

I thought it was funny how all the little birds in the trees were looking down on the girls.

And then I noticed why they were so concerned. Uh oh.

This picture is funny in that you can see evidence that there's always something going on at Equinox Farm. The girls are under the bird feeder, Graham Lamb, Keebs and Hank up by the gate - Keebs has been trying the latch all afternoon - and the rest of the sheep are watching from a distance to make sure the coast is clear (Come on, let it go guys!) to go out to graze for awhile.

Finally, everyone always asks us what kind of chicken this is. We didn't know. Her name is Little Jane (there's a funny story there as well), she does lay eggs, but also crows like a rooster. Seriously. Go ahead and google it - I sure did the first time I heard her. Today on Life on a Southern Farm I learned (I'm pretty sure) that she's a Sebright.

So, other than a small(ish) incident with COMBY today, the Adventure Chickens have had a pretty good day.

I need mailing addresses for Deb at Tylerfarm Homestead, Tifany and Joanna@BooneDockWilcox. KatieB and Peacecat are the other two card winners, but I know where to find you ;-). If a set of mixed farm cards doesn't suit, let me know which single design you'd like. You can email me at thecrazysheeplady at gmail dot com.

Thank you for helping with Holiday Mail for Heroes!


DayPhoto said...

Has your weather settled? It looks like it has. I just love watching chickens peck and scratch. I also don't like them in the flowerbeds.


Rayna said...

She sure looks like a silver sebright to me :)

Jenny Glen said...

As soon as my girls quit laying, Scott got the urge to bake and I needed eggs and had to buy them. The very next day, EVERY chicken laid an egg and have been laying ever since.

Deb said...

If they would only roam where you want them to and NOT in the flower beds......mine always seem to head straight for them :)

Your seabright is very pretty. I had a pair and really like them.

Have a good weekend :)

Anonymous said...

So sorry I missed your card drawing! Jane is a beautiful chicken. We are debating getting a few, and we have really enjoyed seeing all the pretties on the blogs. :)

Christine said...

LOL, too funny. Yep, she's certainly a Sebright. A pretty one at that. You need to get a video clip of her crowing. That would be priceless.

Alice said...

Keebler knows where his momma is doing tree decorating, and where the grass is lush so I can easily guess why he is picking at the gate.
Do the Adventure chickens have the beaks to open the sunflower seeds? If not, the birds have little to worry about. They might be curiously watching to see how the chickens do it.

Ebonwald Cardigans said...

it IS a silver sebright! I love them! I had Rayna bring me a pair of the BUFF seabrights back from Indiana. They were very charming!

cyndy said... chickens are coming off a moult...maybe I should go to the store and buy a dozen eggs? "Hear that chickens? I AM GOING...NOW!"

(shhh, maybe they are starting to lay..heh ehh)

Your Silver Sebright looks like she is wearing lace ;-)

Dana and Daisy said...

you know the chicks are the flower garden, cause that's where the best seeds are! ha ha!

any chance you have a predator eating your eggs? a big snake maybe? my former MIL had a big one in her hen house once


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