Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Crabby Old Ladies

Who does this gray muzzle belong to?

Sweet ole Miss Aria.

So why would she be in a post titled "Crabby Old Ladies"? Because the weather is fixin' to change from warm sunny upper 50's to cold rain and snow mix for the next few days. Because she's 27 or 28 years old. Because she hates HATES when I put her winter blanket on her.

I tried to honor her wishes last year, I really did. But cold is one thing; cold and soaking wet is another. How could you not be happier if you were not soaked to the skin with icicles hanging off your cute gray nose?!? The cute gray nose that covers up the chompers that come at you like a spider monkey when you are fastening belly straps.

What about this dear little old lady? Peaceful look on her face. Almost a smile.

"Yeah, right. What you lookin' at toots!"

Crazy Esther. Not the first time she's made the blog for crabbiness. I had hoped when her last front tooth finally fell out this fall that she'd be able to eat better and start putting some weight back on. It didn't happen, even with the grass staying green for extra time.

I looked at her the other day and decided I'd had enough. She was just too thin to comfortably make it through winter and I caught her. And force fed her some vanilla wafers thinking maybe a couple days of that might "tame" her down to where she would let me slip her some extra food in the mornings. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

This morning, as she was happily eating ewe nuggets from my hand (she was wedged into a corner, but still, FROM MY HAND), just when I was starting to feel really smart, she popped me. With one of those top horns. In the eye. Again. I'll never learn.

So why don't I just put her and Elizabeth (the other old, gray, border line thin, but not in the least crabby) in a small lot by themselves?

It's a tight knit group out there.

Gee, I can just hardly wait until feeding time tonight...


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

You've got a lot of various animals around, I see more and more all the time. Do all the horses belong to you?

Anonymous said...

Crazy Esther is such a hoot! Is she a Jacob crossed with a cat?

CTG Ponies said...

Ouch, not sure I'd want to take a horn to the face...twice.

DayPhoto said...

I didn't realize that sheep could have three horns. Or am I looking at the photo wrong?


thecrazysheeplady said...

Yes, (un)fortunately all the horses are ours - 4 total.

Jacobs must have at least 2 horns, but can have up to 6. The most I've seen in real life are 5.

Lori Skoog said...

Most of my horses are older and they have blankets on so they don't waste a lot of energy trying to keep warm...not to mention being soaked to the skin does not sound fun. Love the horse shots here and below.

cyndy said...

Miss Aria has every right to be crabby ;-)

...we had snow squalls yesterday, and it was time to dig out the winter coat...I hate that too...

but not enough to move south!

Rayna said...

Spider monkey...lmao...

And I've got a photo of a jacobs EWE with 6 horns...really cool. They were pretty much fused, but you could tell they were individual horns as well. Very neat. I'd never seen a ewe with 6...rams yes, not ewes though. Sorry you got popped...that doesn't feel good...Got a shiner?

Tammy said...

I love your crabby old lady Aria--what a beautiful grand lady. Even if she does hate her blanket. I miss my horse, Lady. I had her for 24 years and had to have her put down at 27. She went blind and then later developed breathing problems (most likely tumors)and some cushings symptoms. Someday I will get another horse, even if it's a mini or pony! In the meantime, I'll enjoy your well cared for beauties.


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