Monday, October 12, 2009


I was feeling a little under the weather this afternoon so decided to take a blanket, some hot cider, my camera and the new issue of Handwoven out to the arena paddock and hang out with Hank and the sheep. Actually, I mowed a couple paddocks first and when that didn't perk me up, that's when I knew I'd better take it easy ;-).

This is a beautiful time of year to take sheep shots. That's what I'll post today. It's also a great time to take Hank shots, so that will be tomorrow. Then, Graham Lamb is getting his own whole post following that (Dianne has got to be excited about hearing more GL stories - and yes, he did pee on me...again!).

Looks like we all had the same idea.

Boudreaux, Buddy (in back) and Woolliam

Rebecca Boone, sporting a stylish 'do, eh? Her top notch is sun bleached.

Can I get my dreads done like that too?

"Um, no, Woolliam."

Miss Emily

The ever lovely Miss Ewenice

Some big sky and changing clouds moving in.

"Wake up Hank. Time to head in."


Nancy K. said...

Breathtaking photos, as usual!

I want a big sheep with a dreadlock topknot!!

If you're feeling down with the shorter days, consider getting a SAD light. Mine has made a HUGE difference in the way that I feel!

Ebonwald Cardigans said...

I cannot believe how gorgeous your pastures are! Not a weed to be seen and SO GREEN! Do you irrigate them? Seriously? :)

I just finally found your blog and had to read it WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back. I think I'm caught up now. I love your blog!

Lori Skoog said...

These are all FABULOUS shots. That big sky one is something. I love the dread locks!

flowerweaver said...

Lovely! I'm under the weather, too.

Michelle said...

Lovely photos! Waiting for the rain and the green here. My allergies have kicked into high gear for some reason.

VioletSky said...

These pictures look so story book perfect!

Lindsay said...

Love the hair-do's

colleen said...

If I was feeling bad I too would haul my butt out to the pastures. They are just amazing. All the sheep, with the horses in the back, dogs, just a beautiful place to spend the afternoon.

lisa said...

Hope you feel better! I love that magazine! I have learned so much and I love the designs they come up with and do!

Anonymous said...

Love your sheep shots! Your place is so beautiful. Looks like a painting. :)

~Tonia~ said...

Oh so pretty. I hope that you are feeling better today.

DayPhoto said...

The last photo looks like one of your post cards!


Ed said...

Ya Mon, they be stylin' great shots on a beautiful day..:-))

Stasia said...

I hope you're feeling much better today! Adorable pics, as always. Thanks.

tonya said...

Beautiful pictures - they all look like post cards! I am glad to see that Miss Ewenice is doing ok! Loved the pics of Hank too - i think they need to master the art of napping since they work the late shift.. it looks like Hank has caught on to the art of it!

Anonymous said...

I am late to the party here, but could you talk about the fall shearing you are doing?

I am in the greater Vancouver area in Canada, and it seems to me you are colder than here. It has cooled off, but we don't have frost yet. Nobody is sheering sheep here, that I notice. You did say it is a specific breed thing. Could you be more specific?

I understand if you can't.
Thanks, Leah

thecrazysheeplady said...

I have another wool question to answer too, so I'll do a fall shearing/wool processing question post ASAP :-)


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