Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back Atcha, Eli

"So, how'd you end up today, Eli? Catch anything like this?"

"How about this? What? I can't hear you. Oh, I see..."

Eli, you ought to know better than smack talk about fishing.

Saint Tim was finally able to sneak out for a little river time this afternoon. I met up with him as the sun was setting and as we floated near the railroad trestle, a train came thundering through. Pretty exciting. I grabbed a few pictures and then thought, what would City Boy do if he were here? He'd take a video!

This is the under view of the trestle. I thought it was pretty cool at the time. Now I'm thinking it looks pretty, um, small - yikes!

Even in the fading light...beautiful.

Editor's note: no fish were harmed for this Eli rebuttal. Scared maybe probably, but Saint Tim practices catch and release :-).


Alice said...

Reminded me of "Fishy, fishy in a brook, daddy caught you with a hook..." and so the rhyme goes.
Cute pic of Saint Tim in a well deserved activity.
The last shot shows a great reflection in the water. So glad that you could join him for the moment.

lisa said...

Nice fish! I will have to show my son that one!

DayPhoto said...

Great shots! And having time to just sit, relax, catch a few fish, take a photo or two....priceless!


Anonymous said...

That trestle does look a bit scary.

Ed said...

Cool, I know you are a veggie but beer battered bass..Oh Man!!


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