Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Okay! Okay! Here are some construction pictures. With a corgi picture and some sheepie toes at the end (for those of us more interested in fur and fuzz than 2x4's and plywood ;-).

View walking up to the barn. This is the exact floor plan of the old building (16'x20'). I guess it looks bigger (at least in real life) because the walls are taller.

Looking back towards the house. There is another window behind the ladders. The door on the right hand side will open out onto a screened in 8'x20' porch with a drop down skirting table, plenty of room for spinning wheels, some comfortable chairs and two ceiling fans, because it's freakin' hot here.

View out the front window. I'm planning on placing my work table here so I can see what's happening out back. On second thought, maybe that's not such a great idea...

There is a 4' wide open storage loft covering the two sides and back (towards the house - the two smaller windows).

Today they poured the concrete for the wash room. This too is 8' x 20' and will have built in drying racks so the hammock can be retired to...well, who am I fooling...the only thing that hammock will ever get used for is drying wool.

I had the brilliant idea that all the animals should walk through the concrete on this side as it was drying. Wouldn't it be cute to see all the sheep and dog and cat and chicken and horse shoe tracks throughout the wash room?

Not such a great idea in real life.

I made a couple attempts - that didn't work and would have been awful to live with - that the builders kindly fixed. I really had my heart set on it though, so in the end, I had Keebler and Graham Lamb come over and make their mark right inside the doorway. That way, if it didn't work out we could just cover it with a doormat. It's cute. At least to me. And that's what's important.

The main part of the building (which will be insulated and climate controlled) and the enclosed wash room are going to covered with these boards and battens.

Weaslie's going to be crushed when she finds out these aren't really her own giant chew toys.

Tomorrow they are enclosing the wash room and Thursday the trusses come.

Pretty exciting!


Tammy said...

Wow...it sounds like a dream come true. It will be wonderful for you to have everything so handy and also right in the 'thick of things' with the critters. Can't wait to see more pictures as it continues to take shape.

Nancy K. said...

Where will your bed be???

Alice said...

After reading "there's always a plan", it is fun to see what is coming next. You will have many of the "creature" comforts in the new building.

Deb said...

You may have addressed this elsewhere, but how would I ever find it? 'The Boys,' (Keebler and Graham Lamb) are (sniff) growing up fast. What are your plans for them? Will they eventually be daddies of some lovely SOFT lambs, or will they get the old (gasp!) 'snip snip' ???

thecrazysheeplady said...

Keebs and Graham Lamb are just here for their fiber (you can read between the lines ;-). I gots enough sheep - whew!

As far as the bed, I had actually wanted a futon in there so I could sleep out there if I had a sick sheep or horse or if I ever started back with lambs. However, with everything that needs to go in there, I'm afraid it's going to be too tight. Any thoughts on a comparable, but smaller, couch or...?

Ed said...

Looks great! The prints will be there for along time, pretty cool..:-)

Ed said...

p.s. An old Army cot and a sleeping bag would do in a pinch..:-)

Denise said...

Oh lucky you having such a nice facility for your fiber and such. How about a loft bed like in dormitories and kids rooms. You could have things under neath it but a bed up high? A friend of mine just took one to the dump. I was tempted to haul it home. My sis in KY is expecting a litter of corgi's this weekend. I'm very tempted to drive back there in September and haul one to KS. A herding dog with my 3 little sheep would be sweet.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I actually want a couch or something that I can sit on and knit or spread out wool for felted sheep... I work a lot in our living room (which is a big part of the reason I'm getting kicked out back ;-). So, maybe a bigger storage type bench with a comfy cushion and back?

Ain't nothin' cuter than corgi pups!

DayPhoto said...

Oh! Joy! The building is just wonderful!

And I enjoyed meeting the corgi! I just love Corgis! There aren't many here, but when I see one I ask permission to give them a pet!


Linda B. said...

What a fantastic new work space!

tonya fedders said...

Your studio is looking great! How exciting!

Denise said...

bunk beds are not as easy on the mature bones either :-) ground level more better


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