Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Light Was Just Right

So I grabbed my camera and headed towards the back paddocks this morning. The sheep were out serenely grazing; the horses too. What more could I ask for?

Maybe I'm stuck in Sunday Stills mode. When I got back in the house, all I could see were the distractions. Our pretty neatly manicured farm appeared full of weeds. The beavers [sheep] had dislodged one of the tree guards and were decimating one of the trees (great picture of Ford looking right at me like I was disturbing him - well excu-u-u-se me!). And at least half of our sheep are so fat that I was afraid if I posted their picture someone would call animal services.

This could have been one of my favorite pictures of Handy, my retired carriage horse. Look at the symmetry of his tail to his head and neck. And the light filtering through his tail. And the reflection off his slick hair coat. AND T-BONE (getting up from rolling) IN THE BACKGROUND LOOKING LIKE HE'S SITTING ON HIS BUTT!



Karen B. said...

Beautiful pasture, fence, and horses-you are indeed fortunate. Now post the sheep pictures!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Picky, picky, picky. :-)

DayPhoto said...

Animals really never get it when I bring out the camera. They get shy, look away, do something rude...you know...sigh

But your farm does look beautiful, no one else sees the flaws, only you! :)


KC said...

I think it is all beautiful too. I have loved the photos of all the animals especially the baby boys. (If something bugs you in a photo just crop it out. It works every time.)

WildBlack said...

Beautiful! :D I would love to have a closer look at your horse. I just love them! ;)


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