Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ya' Big Baby

We've had lots of farm visitors lately and David caught some really cute pictures of our favorite (now BIG) baby - thanks!!! I'm so used to thinking of her as tiny, that seeing her from someone else's eyes was quite a shock.

She still wants to put everything in her mouth, but from the look of her chubby little tummy I'm guessing at this point it's mostly curiosity, and shhhh, we know nothing about where those teeth marks came from on your hat, Saint Tim ;-).

Here she's taking her first "cookie" from Brittany. I've tried to give her treats, but we know where that gets me. If you look up "brat" in the dictionary, you'll most likely find a picture of Sunshine.

I'm a little worried though. I'm afraid she might be getting a little spoiled.


Nancy K. said...

Now, how could you possibly think such a thing???


I would like to put a link to your blog on mine. Would you be OK with that? It makes it so much easier to check in on what's going on at your place and I do so enjoy reading your blog...

She sure is strange! said...

That is the sweetie-est thing I've ever seen. Can't wait for more videos but pleeeeze no more beeeez(I'm allergic!).



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