Monday, August 25, 2008

Birthday Bash

Saint Tim said everyone should get to have one big party. I think one big party might be all you can manage - whew!

Buddy, Boudreaux and Ewen McTeagle sent out the invitations and announced it was my birthday and I wanted lots of presents, but only things that the local humane society could use. They also shilled for some cookies and several people fell for it, to their great delight.

Our wonderful guests filled a trailer with 183 lbs of cat litter, 213 lbs of dog food, 145 lbs of cat food, bags of towels, blankets, biscuits, beds, kennels, bowls, scratching posts, leashes, collars, toys, paper towels, jackets and other miscellaneous items. They also put together $ of this morning - goodies and money are still trickling in. Holy cow, you guys!

And, not only are you generous, but you're good company as well. We had beekeepers who opened our hive to check for honey, a spinner working with some beautiful wool and fielding questions all afternoon, another friend who did a very short (too hot!) herding demonstration with one of her fabulous border collies (Iris thought he was pretty cool, too ;-), people who made us laugh, people who warmed our hearts, people we hadn't seen in awhile that were so nice to visit with (way too briefly), some neighbors we hadn't met before that we were so happy to finally meet, and I'd like to think some ghosts of parties past might have been there as well.

And how about that food! We really couldn't have asked for anything more. Well, other than more time to sit down and visit (see second sentence). Luckily some folks brought cameras, because I never even got mine out (again see second sentence). John and Reg took these priceless pics. Thank you!!!

Iris couldn't believe there was actually meat cooking on our farm.

Ben was a huge hit...with the people.

Could this little girl be any cuter?

Special birthday greeting from the real party princess.

The next morning I walked out to check the carnage (none) and enjoyed a cup of coffee under the now quiet tent.

Aren't these flowers just beautiful - thanks to my good friends who braved the heat to walk out to the Frog Pond to cut and arrange them - a truly special gift.

We'd like to again thank everyone, especially friends and family who travelled many miles. We cherish your friendship.

Saint Tim and the crazy sheep lady


Joy said...

What a super party! Sounds like a great time was had by all (with the possible exception of the sheep?) - many happy returns.

Shelley said...

Wow! You are blessed with your friends and family! That is so special. It looks like it was a really nice shin-dig. You all sent even more blessings along the way since you got all those items together for the shelter. Kudos to you all!

Linda said...

WOW! That is truly the neatest birthday I could imagine! Happy Birthday!
(love the lamb!)


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